How Do You Choose The Perfect Necklace For Your Dress

How Do You Choose The Perfect Necklace For Your Dress

Creating a perfect look requires a good combination of outfits and accessories. The perfect necklace for your dress can perfect your appearance and give you an awe-inspiring look. On the other hand, using the wrong necklace for your outfit can mar your general appearance.

When choosing the perfect necklace for your dress, there are some factors you need to consider. The basic goal when choosing a necklace for any outfit is to ensure that your necklace suits your outfit, neck size, personality, and face. Fashion jewelry and necklaces, when used properly, can improve and accentuate any look.

Getting the right necklace for your outfit could mean the difference between being perfectly dressed or overdressed. Below is a guide that will help you choose the perfect necklace for any outfit.

Standard Necklace Lengths And Compatible Outfits

Necklaces usually have standard lengths. The length of a necklace is measured in inches. A buyer can reduce the length of a gold chain to their requirements. Generally, when purchasing fashion jewelry and necklaces, women usually have many more options than men.

Before we discuss standard necklace lengths, knowing your neck size can also help you make the best decision on what type of necklace you want. The size of your neck can be measured with a sewing measuring tape. To measure your neck size, wrap the tape around your neck.

The standard necklace lengths are:

  • 12-13 inches: This collar-style necklace usually has single to multiple strands. This necklace is usually worn tightly around the neck and is best used with blouses with an open neck. This fashion jewelry can also be used with V-necks, off-shoulder tops, boat necks, scoop necks, and single-shoulder dresses.
  • 14-16 inches: This is a choker-style necklace designed to rest at the base of the throat. The 14-16 inches choker style necklace is versatile and compatible with both western and traditional dresses.
  • 17-19 inches: This princess-style necklace is designed to nestle gently below the throat. Wearing a pendant and matching earrings can greatly maximize your appearance and provide an awe-inspiring look. This necklace is versatile and is suitable for all types of outfits. It is also great to present as a gift.
  • 20-24 inches: This Matinee style necklace is designed to end somewhere between the bust and the collarbone. This necklace is best suited for business outfits and is the perfect jewelry to use in a corporate or official function. While it is best suited for business outfits, this necklace can also be used with casual wear.
  • 30-36 inches: This Opera-style necklace is usually worn as a double strand and ends on or an inch below the bust. This necklace can be worn with evening wear and is also suitable for crew necklines.
  • 36-42 inches: Also known as a bib necklace, this Rope style necklace is the longest necklace chain length. It is designed to lie either above the belly button or on or below the bust. This necklace can be turned into a multi-strand necklace hence the name “bib necklace.” The rope-style necklace is versatile and can be worn with western or traditional wear as well as with evening and business outfits.

Common Outfits And Compatible Jewelry

  • Turtle neck: You may think that turtle neck dresses are unsuitable for jewelry. The truth is that necklaces are the perfect accessories for your turtle neck dress. Chunky and long-length necklaces can be used on your turtle neck dress to improve your appearance.
  • Cowl neck: A cowl neck dress is best accessorized with a short chain or string of pearls. A small pendant can also be attached to the chain. The objective when accessorizing a cowl neck dress is to ensure that your outfit retains its soft lines.

Using the perfect necklace with any outfit improves your appearance and ensures that you always look your best at any function or event. Regardless of gender, the right necklace might just be what you need to move to the next level in your fashion evolution.

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