The Ultimate Guide to How to Wear Necklaces

The Ultimate Guide to How to Wear Necklaces

There is a need for direction on how to wear necklaces. Your accessory is a fundamental part of your dressing. It determines if you will have a confident feeling or not. Do you know that your accessory can boost your self-esteem?

Dressing well and looking elegant cannot be underestimated. For you to be reading this article, you love the necklace! And guess what? You're not in this alone; many of us do, too. There are various kinds of necklaces, and sometimes, you will want to create a luscious stack with your necklaces. This guide will show you how to create beauty with your chain meticulously.

Sometimes, your choice of clothing determines if you will wear a necklace or not. For instance, if you are wearing turtle neck clothes, you can decide to forfeit wearing a necklace. These tips will be helpful for you whether you want to learn the mode of making a layered necklace or you want to make something new for your necklace collection.

Helpful Tips for wearing your necklaces

  • What's the shape of your top's neckline?

The shape of your top's neckline should determine the kind of chain you choose. For instance, when you wear a V-neck shaped cloth, it is better to complement it with a short chain of about 16 and 18. You can decide to use a chain with various shapes or one that requires a pendant. With this, the chain can fill the open part of your neckline. You can also choose a layered chain for a v neck top. However, the layers must have a small one that can fill the neckline space.

Also, if your top is a turtle neck, you should choose a long necklace with four to five layers. Wearing a single short or long necklace may not make you look elegant with a turtle neck top. At times, with a turtle neck top, you may want to avoid a chain because the cloth is already very busy.

In addition, if you are wearing a top with a round neck, a short chunky necklace usually fits it the most.

  • Your Pendant's Size:

It is always best to fit smaller pendants with a shorter necklace. This is because smaller pendants do not have enough weight and will not work well on a longer chain. Another reason is that a more petite pendant will be more evident on a smaller chain than its longer counterpart. If you are wearing a layered chain, it is essential to fix the charm to chain according to sizes to have a good outlook with an organized pattern.

  • Your Outfit:

Your choice of necklace should also be picked based on the outfit you are putting on. It is best to wear a simple earring when your outfit is already very busy. For a busy dress, you can decide not to wear a necklace.

But, if you choose to wear a necklace, it will be nice to put on a short one for a comfortable fit if there are lots of patterns on your clothes, especially a turtle neck. Keeping your necklace simple could either be a long or short tiny necklace that is not layered.

It is essential to add that choker necklaces best fit off-shoulder dresses. Wearing a single short or long necklace on an off-shoulder top will make you look like a relic.

  • Your Earing type:

Your choice of earing should also inform the kind of necklace you will wear. Usually, if you wear big earing, it is nicer to wear a short necklace. Why is this? It is because your earing complements your chain. Using an oversized earring with a big chain could make you look desperate to be noticed. Completing your earing with a suitable chain will make you look decent and elegant.

On the other hand, if you are wearing small earing, you can wear a big chain or a choker. When considering what necklace or earrings to wear, resolve in your heart that one is the king and the other will support it.

Each time you are in a fix on what kind of necklace to put on any day, remember the tips shared with you in this piece. It is noteworthy to emphasize that each time you consider any fashion jewellery, remember that you must be comfortable with your choice of fashion jewellery. Don't choose necklaces that will either be too tight for you. If it's not satisfying, you cannot walk with confidence.

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